The Panic Attack Barrier to Success

Panic means sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing really unthinking behavior. When you panic it causes alarms to go up making you aware of danger. You get anxious, worried, a feeling of dread comes over you, and you become filled with apprehensions. I love synonyms because adding them to our dialog brings greater understanding of our thoughts regarding our insights. Some synonyms for panic are, alarm, anxiety, dread, terror, hysteria, dismay, and apprehension to name a few.

What happens when you decide to change?

When you decide to step out of what has always been familiar and what you’ve always done and sometimes even done well, you can expect negative feedback. Negative input can throw you into a panic attack and persuade you that you should just be satisfied in your current place in life. To make those feelings go away you can decide to give up on your dreams and desires.

A different look at PANIC.

Let’s talk about this from a different perspective. I love using acronyms. My acronym for P. A. N. I. C. is (Pain Accompanying Negative Influence Carriers).

Fatal Attractions.

When you decide there is more for you in life than what many settle for and you hire a coach, start a business, or decide to change where you focus your energy to develop something new you will attract people who are PANIC Attack Agents. These types of people make a point of telling you what you are reaching for will not work. You are being foolish. You will waste time. You are throwing away money. What can help you push forward is realizing (at these major turning points in your life) that many of the most successful entrepreneurs had to make similar decisions and then give themselves permission to step out on unfamiliar grounds with determination to make their dreams realities. Your circle of influencers could be filled with PANIC (Pain Accompanying Negative Influence Carriers). There is a way to deal with the voice of this type of person in your current circle.

Change your influencers.

Decide to change your circle of influencers. Give yourself permission to leap. And refuse to let fear stop you from following your dreams. Be ok stepping out on ideas or goals that scare you. Most often they are tied directly to your true purpose in this great life we live. Even if it doesn’t work the first time don’t give up. You are built for working hard to accomplish your purpose.

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