Confusion Frustration Change

Confused Frustrated and Ready for Change

Lack of clarity is one of the areas of life that breeds frustration. When you are not sure how to bring your dreams and visions to reality it leaves you in the prison of going in circles. While many can live their entire lives in this prison you are about to receive your release.

Being in this place leaves you with a lack of understanding and in the realm of uncertainty. You find yourself looking at the distance between where you are and where you want to be and you are left bewildered as to how to get there. Actually you are closer than you realize to clarity and the steps to living your dreams. Realizing that there are things you just don’t know is the beginning of getting the knowledge needed to move you forward.

Looker or Leaper

Once you stop being a looker and decide to leap you will find that everything you need is within reach. Confusion can make you nervous and afraid to take the steps needed to make your way to clarity. Then there are the people in your circle who are comfortable in confusion. Those voices love to encourage you to settle for less. When you really think about where you want to be and you begin to reach for answers and direction to get you there you just took a major leap. Understand you don’t have to do this on your own or reinvent the wheel, which should bring an immediate relief to you. There are people and resources that have mastered the art of life transformation. They are called Coaches and Coaching Programs.

Clear the Clutter

Confusion is often a sign of mental clutter. Thinking too long or too much without action can cause your mind to be filled with a lot of maybe, and should. Multitasking can be a major culprit contributing to mental clutter. Clear the clutter and you will begin to see rays of clarity break through. Because society has trained us to want everything fast we tend to try to do several things at once and really don’t focus long enough to ever clear our to do list. If you really take an honest look within yourself you may find that you are your greatest challenge. Learn to focus and manage your time better. Set alarms to help you keep your schedule and finish tasks.

Give yourself Permission to..

Lack of understanding leaves you afraid to make the leap, and nervous about change. When opportunity for change knocks and you hesitate or say not now you hold yourself back. Procrastination keeps you living in yesterday and really can help you kill your dreams. Give yourself permission to change. Give yourself permission to be successful. Decide to invest in yourself to achieve your goals. The same intensity that you give to academic study learn to also give to you pursuing your dreams.

Trust your Desire for More

When you clear the clutter from your mind you will see areas within you that are filled with abilities and gifts that are a resource that can be monetized. Feeling unsatisfied with your present life, job, and status in life are a sure sign of desire for more. Trust that desire and get ready to work towards your better place. You are a gift. You have a voice. You are a solution. Your life and everything you have lived already is valuable. Write down your thoughts and ideas. See where they lead and follow.

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