Quick Tips Regarding Getting Clients

Grow or die. This is the truth of running a business, whether you are self-employed or are in the top 10 of the Forbes “World’s Most Valuable Brands” list like The Coca-Cola Company.

Maybe you are a solopreneur or an independent consultant, or perhaps you run a small business.

Here are some questions to help you think like a chief growth officer:

Do you think about growth? 

You need a growth strategy.

There is something in business called the growth imperative.

To paraphrase a country song lyric, you got to get busy growing or get busy dying.

Death is a natural process, even for a business.  Everything ends.

But not on your watch.

I have a few questions for you:

How are your clients’ needs changing?

What are the trends in your world?

How many offerings do you have?

You should have a signature product or service, and confidently share what they are.

You must be clear about the results your client would get by working with you.

Connect with your clients in a way that resonates. Think relationships, which means you must know and understand your market.

Provide value based on what you know, their challenges, and struggles are.

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