Are You an Innovator or Imitator?

When I started my company, I was at the mercy of what my competitors were doing.

Because I found myself just doing what I saw them doing.

I had no real business insight I had initiative and passion.

The things I was doing took me only so far, but not having clear vision, direction, and strategy the leads to the right action plans caused me to function low end.

It wasn’t until I invested in coaching which trained me to be innovative that I saw a significant shift from low end to high end in my coaching company.

The challenge to innovate demands that entrepreneurs meet changing needs.

Markets always change, sometimes radically.

Disruptive change usually occurs in technology, scale or distribution.

The business that innovates radically enough to disrupt the norm can seize a tremendous competitive advantage.

That business that fails to innovate effectively turns leadership of their market over to its competition.

Putting the financial future of your business in the hands of your competitors is no way to prosper.

I needed to invest in myself to become one of the premier coaches in the industry. One in a million not one of the millions.

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