How to Take Better Selfies for Social media

It is becoming increasingly difficult to be an introvert and a successful business owner.

Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, owners and managers are increasingly being asked to step in front of the camera to promote their brands. If you plan on using social media stories as a business for instance, on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, then you’re likely going to have the camera pointed at you a lot of the time.

Problem is… most of us don’t like how we look in selfies. Here’s how to change that and to create professional images that will help to sell your products and services.

The Issues 

First of all, let’s address the issues that surround the selfie. One is the angle/composition, another is the proximity and lighting, and another is the quality. The angle is usually be bad because these pictures tend to be taken from underneath with one hand holding the phone awkwardly. The proximity/lighting then shows up all of your blemishes and pores, and the quality tends to make you look grainy and web-cam-esque. 

But each of these issues can be solved…

Composition: The best selfies are always taken from above to avoid the double chin effect. This is selfie 101 and will give you much more attractive definition right away. 

At the same time though there are other elements of the composition that you also need to consider. For instance, think about what is in the background of the shot and how well it will allow you to show up in the foreground.  

Think as well about your expression, what you are wearing and generally what you are trying to say with the picture. Every picture should say something, and if it’s just a random duck pout, then that’s unlikely to further your brand (unless you’re promoting lipstick…). Show off your clothes, where you are, or just how tired you are after a long day – don’t make the picture and your expression vacant. Think of it like acting!

Proximity and Lighting: The selfie is always going to be relatively close-up as it’s taken at arm’s length and this is part of the charm. Still though, you can limit the negative effects of this by turning off the flash and ensuring the surrounding lighting is good – that means using flatter lighting as opposed to the more ‘directional’ kind which will cast shadows and make you look like you have big tired bags under your eyes. 

Makeup and even skin care can also make a big difference here. Do your best to close over your pores and to give yourself an even skin tone, even if you just splash some cold water on your face this can make a surprisingly big difference. Yes, this applies to men as well! You can also make your skin look better by using colour and drawing attention in the correct way. For women, wearing some red lipstick will make your skin seem lighter and smoother and your teeth look whiter while also distracting away from any less than ideal features.

Quality: Finally, in order to really increase the look of your photo you need to ensure the image is as high-quality as possible. That means investing in a good camera first and foremost – and particularly paying attention to the front facing camera. There’s no reason you can’t run a social media campaign and ‘cheat’ by using your DSLR then uploading your photos…

Of course, the quality can also be improved to an extent in post-production. By using the right filters and altering the lightness and contrast you can give your selfie an almost magazine-like quality to really improve your overall appearance.

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